I have set up the Group Policy but the Agent does not seem to be deploying, is there anything I can check?

If the Group Policy contains the required devices the problem may be the permissions on the Software Distribution Point folder as they may prevent the remote computer from retrieving the MSI and Please ensure these permissions match those devices or users entered in the Group Policy for the MSI.

For example when using the recommended Computer Configuration method to deploy the MSI each device or group specified in the group Policy must have the relevant permissions to access the shared software distribution point folder, otherwise they will be unable to install the MSI.

The Agent may also fail to deploy where it cannot connect back to our servers to validate the installation. In these cases the Agent may appear to have installed successfully, but it is not possible to open the console. Please refer to the section Connection Issues for troubleshooting steps.

I have sent the Remote Worker executable to a customer, but they receive a "The requested operation requires elevation error message" message. How do we resolve this?

This error message may be displayed if administrative verification is required when installing new applications.

Selecting Run as administrator from the right-click context menu resolves this issue.

We would suggest including information on how to do this when sending the Remote Worker file to the client to ensure they are aware of this potential issue.

For your consideration we have included an example of the additional installation information that may be included in the email to the Client below:

How to install the Advanced Monitoring Agent:

  1. Save the attached Agent_*.zip file to your hard drive
  2. Navigate to where the file is saved
  3. Extract the Agent.exe by right-clicking on Agent_*.zip and selecting Extract All
  4. Once extracted open the folder the Agent is in
  5. Double-click Agent_*.exe then select Run when prompted to install the Agent
  6. Please follow the steps outlined below if you receive The requested operation requires elevation error message:
  7. OK the The requested operation requires elevation error message to close
  8. Right-click the Agent_*.exe
  9. Select Run as Administrator to install the Agent