I set up the Group Policy, but the Agent does not seem to deploy! Is there anything I can check?

If the Group Policy contains the required devices, deployment problem may be related to the Software Distribution Point folder permissions as they can prevent the remote computer(s) from retrieving the MSI and Please ensure the devices or users entered in the MSI Group Policy are granted access permissions for the Software Distribution Point.

For example, if using the recommended Computer Configuration method to deploy the MSI, each device or group specified in the Group Policy must have the relevant permissions to access the Software Distribution Point folder and install the MSI.

Does the Group Policy/MSI write information to the machine I can use for installation troubleshooting?

The error messages written to the Windows Event Log may be used for troubleshooting MSI installation issues.

Information on MSI logging is available from the below links:

List of error codes and error messages for Windows Installer processes

Packages Assigned to Computers with Group Policy Are Not Installed

Event Logging

The following provides an example of the type of issue the Windows Event Log can help troubleshoot.

When deploying the Agent via Group Policy, it does not install. Checking in the Application Log I see an Application Management failure message.

Default settings in the computer's Operating System can cause the installation to fail when deploying software using a Group Policy Object with indicators returned in the Windows Event Log of the Group Policy target.

Event IDs





Application Management

Application Management

Application Management






The assignment of <application> from policy <policy> failed. The error was: <error description>.

The removal of the assignment of application <application name> from policy <policy name> failed. The error was: The group policy framework should call the extension in the synchronous foreground policy refresh.

Failed to apply changes to software installation settings. <failure consequence>. The error was <error message>.

The above Microsoft Windows errors messages may be returned where an application was removed through Group Policy and Logon Optimization was enabled (this is on by default).

Investigating the error messages points us to the Microsoft article M305293, which suggest enabling the policy setting "Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Logon\Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon" to alleviate the issue.


Please note we are not responsible for the content of external sites and depending on the Operating System the error messages may appear in the different Windows Event Logs.

I used a Site Installation Package to deploy the Agent and it appears to have installed, but I cannot open the Agent and it is not on my Dashboard!

This behavior indicates a communication problem between the device and the Dashboard. The Agent installed, but was unable to connect back to our servers and register on the Dashboard due to a general internet problem or restrictive security software settings (for example firewall). Potential causes are covered in Connection Issues.

If a Site Installation Package Agent cannot communicate with the Dashboard, it will attempt to establish a connection every five minutes until the Dashboard is reached.

Where the device is turned off or rebooted before Dashboard communication is established, run the following commands to re-run the Agent installer. The default Agent location may differ depending on the installation mechanism and Operating System architecture:

"C:\Program Files\Advanced Monitoring Agent\winagent.exe" /configure

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Advanced Monitoring Agent\winagent.exe" /configure

"C:\Program Files\Advanced Monitoring Agent GP\winagent.exe" /configure

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Advanced Monitoring Agent GP\winagent.exe" /configure

The customer receives The requested operation requires elevation error message when running the Remote Worker. How can we resolve this?

Operating Systems may require administrative verification to install new software.

One option to alleviate this issue is to use the Run as administrator from the computer's right-click context menu.

To ensure the user can successfully install the software, we would suggest including instructions on how to do this when distributing the Remote Worker installer and have provided an example of the instruction set below.

Advanced Monitoring Agent Installer

  1. Save the attached Agent_*.zip file to an easily accessible location on your computer (for example your Desktop)
  2. Open the new Agent_* folder
  3. Double-click on Agent_*.exe and select Run if prompted

If you receive The requested operation requires elevation type error message:

  1. OK to close The requested operation requires elevation error message
  2. Right-click on the Agent_*.exe
  3. Select Run as Administrator to install the Agent