Start or Stop the Agent: Application or Daemon

The Agent can run in one of two modes, as an Application (outputting to the console and closed by CTRL + C) or as a daemon (running in the background even when the session is ended, the terminal closed or CTRL+C pressed).

Action these commands directly on the computer via the terminal when logged in as root.

Once in the terminal, navigate to the Agent install directory /usr/local/rmmagent.

The agent must be stopped before changing the mode by using the terminate command (-t)

# ./rmmagentd -t

To run the Agent in Application mode use -a

# ./rmmagentd -a

To run the Agent as a Daemon use -s

# ./rmmagentd -s

In the following example the Agent is started as a daemon, terminated then started as an application, outputting the results to the console.

# ./rmmagentd -s
Service rmmagentd [18663] started

# ./rmmagentd -t
Process rmmagentd [18663] terminated

# ./rmmagentd -a
Service rmmagentd [19024] started
'247_DaemonCheck_21':13024:Consecutive Fail Count exceeded
Results of previous scan of machine configuration are the same as results of current scan, will not upload configuration
# 247 COMPLETED, ERR=1 ,DURATION=00h:00m:03s.325ms

You must log in as root to run these commands.