Ticket Frequency

The ticket behavior of 24x7 and Daily Safety Checks failures as well as Device Outages is configured in Ticket Frequency, with the following Ticket Settings common to all three.

Ticket setting Description

Ticket Priority

The priority assigned to any ticket created by the Dashboard

Ticket Queue

The Service Desk queue any tickets generated by the Dashboard are recorded against

Due Date Offset

The number of days in the future to set the Due Date for any tickets created by the Dashboard


Ticket Handling

Tickets are handled differently depending upon the Check frequency (24x7 or Daily Safety Check) or type (server overdue)

Type of ticket failure Result

24x7 Check

Creates a new Service Desk ticket

DSC (Daily Safety Check)

First failure of the Check creates a new Service Desk ticket.

Subsequent failures of the Check reopen the same Service Desk ticket.

Device Overdue (Server)

Creates a new Service Desk ticket