Initiate a Take Control connection

You can initiate a remote access session directly from the Service Desk Dashboard if Take Control or TeamViewer* is installed on a device. Simply navigate to the device's asset dialog and click the Take Control button to retrieve the connection file or link required to launch the viewer and initiate the session.

View Assets

The device's asset dialog can be accessed from View Assets. Select the required asset from the returned list and click the Take Control button in the MANAGE ASSETS section to connect.


Associated Asset

A session can also be initiated from within a ticket where it is associated with a device. In the ticket's Associated Asset tab click on the Take Control button to connect.



For standalone TeamViewer installations, you must enable TeamViewer Integration to make use of this feature. The TeamViewer Integration is only available for Windows devices.

Ensure the Take Control or TeamViewer viewer is installed on the machine providing assistance.

For devices running Take Control, this may be achieved by initiating a connection from the Dashboard and choosing the option to "Remember my choice for takectrsxvp links" (or equivalent) to setup the Take Control Viewer and "takectrsxvp" file association. We recommend you disable any pop-up blockers on the Dashboard to ensure the Launch Application dialog displays as expected.

Whilst the Take Control (TeamViewer) Viewer is available from the N-sight RMM Dashboard Remote Access, Download Take Control Viewer.

If you experience problems connecting with Take Control (TeamViewer), ensure any pop-up blockers on the Dashboard are disabled, and ensure the URL for your region is allowed in any firewall or web-monitoring software:





Europe, France, France1, Germany, Ireland, Poland, United Kingdom




Please be aware that any Take Control or TeamViewer connections established from within Service Desk will automatically generate an entry in the User Audit Report against the Agent Key for the account.

For example:






02 Dec 2015 10:49:54

Take Control Session: Client: Demo Client, Site: Demo Site, Device: USDEMOSERVER