Setting up Service Level Agreement

The Service Level Agreement (SLA) functionality allows you to create an SLA based on specific criteria, i.e. Urgent Tickets requiring a response within 1 hour, or by creating an SLA for a specific user.

SLAs are added in Service Desk via Settings, SLA Management, Add SLA

From the returned form you can define whether the SLA is subject to specific criteria, i.e. specific to a ticket queue, priority or user, the SLA time frame and the associated event for this SLA (i.e. escalate the priority). Please note this form is also returned when Editing the selected SLA.

Option Description
Title The name of this SLA
Criteria Apply to all Tickets

Specific Criteria*

Event No Response

Still Unresolved


First response only Decide whether this only applies to the first response
Time Frame 30 mins

1 hour

6 hours

12 hours

24 hours

48 hours

3 Days

4 Days

5 Days

Action Raise Priority to Urgent

Raise Priority to High

Raise Priority to Medium

Notify Administrator

Future tickets only Decide on how future tickets are handled

* The following additional options are available when selecting Specific Criteria:

Option Description

Apply to Priority

All Priorities

Urgent Priority Tickets

High Priority Tickets

Medium Priority Tickets

Low Priority Tickets

Query Priority Tickets

Apply to Ticket Queue

All Ticket Queues or specific queues

Specific User

Click to Search Users by ID, Name or Email Address

Specific customer

Choose the customer this SLA applies to


Warning Window

The main SLA dialog also includes the option to allow you to setup a warning window (e.g. 50% of your SLA Time Frame). If a ticket enters this warning period a warning is created and a specified action can be applied to the ticket.

Option Description

Generate Warning

10% within breach window

20% within breach window

30% within breach window

40% within breach window

50% within breach window

Take Action

No Action

Raise Priority to Urgent

Raise Priority to High

Raise Priority to Medium

Notify Administrator


The SLA Overview section lists the number of SLA breaches over the Last 7 Days as well as Breaches this Month and Breaches Last 3 Months.

Any configured SLAs appear in the View SLA's section which shows the Title, Event, Breaches, Within and Action as well as the option to Edit or Delete the SLA. The SLA Overview section also includes the option to Create SLA.


SLA Breaches

Provides detailed information on the tickets that are in breach. Returning the Ticket ID, including failure information, the Time, Event and SLA Action taken.