Service Desk Integration Setup

After selecting Finish in Step 10: Confirm Setup the Service Desk portal opens at the Create your new Service Desk Application page.

The Create your new Service Desk Application page opens in the same window as the Dashboard.

Populate the required company field to create your own Service Desk URL in Step One Choose your Service Desk website name: then click Install Service Desk Now!

The entered URL is used for direct access to Service Desk for both staff and customers and is in the format *.maxdesk.region For example

It is important to ensure that this URL matches the Service Desk naming convention you wish to use going forward, as any changes may require a complete removal and reinstall of Service Desk.

The format of the Service Desk URL corresponds to one of three global region instances depending on Dashboard territory:

Region URL



Europe, France, France1, Germany, Ireland, Poland, United Kingdom




URLs highlighted in red indicate that the address is already in use in Service Desk.

There is a facility to setup and use your own custom URL to access Service Desk. Configurable from Administration > General Settings in Service Desk.

User the Service Desk interface to log and view the status of tickets as well as browse Knowledge Base articles (where created).

Click Return to Max RM to exit the integration.


After URL configuration, Service Desk will Verify the Max RM installation and where successful it will Create your Service Desk Application. As part of this process Service Desk automatically Imports Max RM settings including all configured reseller (Staff) and client Dashboard (Client Access) users, in addition to existing Clients, Sites, Servers and Workstations.Automatically importing this existing data minimize adoption overhead and initial setup.

Although all user accounts are transferred from the Dashboard to Service Desk, only the account of the user setting up the integration is marked as linked (active). As such the credentials of this user are used to access Service Desk once the integration is setup with additional users linked (activated) via Manage Max RM in Service Desk.


Once complete either Login to MAX Service Desk to configure, using the credentials of the Dashboard user setting up the integration, or Return to Max RM to amend the Dashboard integration behavior for example automatically create or close tickets, from Settings, PSA Integration, Configure.

For information on getting started with Service Desk please refer to the section An Introduction to your Service Desk Installation

Selecting Login to MAX Service Desk opens a new tab whilst Return to Max RM returns to the Dashboard in the current window.