An introduction to your Service Desk installation

Getting Started

After your installation is created, we recommend you set up the following:

There are additional options to fully customize your installation, including the ability to:

  • Modify email templates
  • Create response templates
  • Customize the ticket fields shown on the Web front-end
  • Customize the sub status tracking

Service Desk front-end

Every installation of Service Desk consists of the following two interfaces:

Front-end URL Note
Client https://<yourinstall>.maxdesk.region/ The customer front-end is where your customers and end-users can submit tickets, track existing submissions with your organization, create an account and browse your article database.
Administration/Staff https://<yourinstall>.maxdesk.region/admin The administration/staff area is where your staff will login to manage incoming tickets, allowing them to run reports, view ticket queues and latest activity.

You can customize the level of access you grant your staff users, by allowing them full administration access, or alternatively limiting them to specific Ticket Queues.

You can set these access levels from the Create and Edit Staff Agent pages.

The facility to setup and user you own custom URL to access Service and this is configured in the ADMINISTRATION section, Administration, General Settings of Service Desk.