How a Service Desk can help

To set the stage for a business to grow smoothly, it is crucial to have systems in place to keep things running in a predictable, consistent manner.

As your business gains more customers - and the staff needed to support those customers - you’ll know that operations are ultimately being carried out according to your original design.

  • Funnel all support requests into a single, professional collection point
  • Capture requests so that none fall through the cracks
  • Improve response and resolution times to meet the expectations of both you and your customers
  • Empower technicians to determine their best next action
  • Keep a better eye on overall productivity
  • Recover time previously spent logging hours and applying to specific work performed
  • Catch billable hours which may have otherwise been missed
  • More accurately determine the profitability of specific customers and contracts
  • Build a Knowledge Base to reduce time spent answering repetitive (and perhaps unbillable) questions