Suggestions and Best Practices

General Setting

Select the option to hide the priority field on the support request form, as customers may wrongly judge their request’s relative importance.

When trying to reduce false request spam, choose to either require user registration or have CAPTCHA enabled - but not both.


An organization represents each of your customer's companies. List the email domain for each customer to automatically link requests to organizations by email address.

Assign an owner for each Organization, who can then view all of their company’s open tickets through the support portal.


If you answer the same question repeatedly, there’s an option to turn the response into a Knowledge Base article. Link to that article in future responses to increase KB usage.

Use the Response Templates to avoid repeatedly typing the same transactional emails (requests for certain information, informing them that parts have been ordered, etc.)

Assigning Tickets

The first method for assigning tickets it to allow technicians to grab their own tickets from the input queues, take ownership and transfer to the appropriate work queue on their own.

The second method is to use a dispatch system, where only dispatchers can access the input queues. They are responsible for assigning tickets and transferring to the appropriate queue.

Using SLAs

Create SLAs only when needed to ensure forward movement, and limit the scope as much as possible. An example includes making sure new tickets are responded to, assigned and/or moved within a certain window.

Give your SLAs descriptive names for better understanding and adherence. For example: "All urgent tickets must be responded to within 30 minutes" is better than "Urgent response."

MAX RM Tickets

In the All Devices view, you can specify ticket priority based upon type of check. In Service Desk, you can further customize by adding rules to change priority based upon keyword in the ticket’s subject when generated from a failed check.

To avoid sorting through unneeded tickets, create rules to close or delete based upon keyword. Also, you should make sure your All Devices view is tuned to avoid generating unwanted alerts. Any unwanted tickets can just be closed or deleted.