Prerequisite API Key

The integration utilizes the Data Extraction API to generate tickets and transfer information from the N-sight RMM Dashboard into Service Desk.

You must ensure an API Key is created for the N-sight RMM Dashboard before you set up the integration.

The API Key is used to authenticate against the Public API. If you generate a new key, anything that uses the existing key to authenticate against the Public API will stop working.

  1. Log in to the N-sight RMM Dashboard as a Superuser or (non-Classic) Administrator level access, or using a login with the required General permissions enabled, or using the Agent Key (if Dashboard access is enabled)
  2. Go to Settings > General Settings > API
  3. Click Generate (or Regenerate when you are creating a new API Key)

    You can generate the API Key as often as required. Each regeneration overwrites the existing key.

  4. Enter the recipient email address in the Email API Token to (optional) field and click Email Token (Optional)

    The sent email includes the API Key and the respective server URL to query.

  5. Select OK to apply

All changes to the N-sight RMM Dashboard API Key must be communicated to Service Desk and you can do that using the N-sight RMM Dashboard or Service Desk.

N-sight RMM Dashboard

Communicate API Key changes:

  1. On the N-sight RMM Dashboard, go to Settings > PSA Integration > Send the MAX RM API Key to Service Desk

  2. Enter the password you used to log into the N-sight RMM Dashboard to confirm

Service Desk

Communicate API Key changes:

  1. On Service Desk, go to Manage MAX RM , API Keys
  2. Replace the current API Key with the newly created token from the Dashboard and click Update Max RM