Adding Notes to the Service Desk Ticket

Notes are added to the Service Ticket via the Add Note option. When entering a note decide whether to Make note visible to customers then enter the relevant text.

Once complete, click Save to update the ticket information on both the Dashboard and in Service Desk.

When added, a summary of the Note is displayed in the main ticket window with the ability to view the compete note available from the Full Text button.


Where the option to Prompt for notes when clearing failed checks is enabled for Dashboard Notes, both the Technical (private) note and Client-facing note must be completed to save the dialog. However, only the Technical note is displayed in the Service Desk Ticket as Private Note (Internal Only).

If you wish to disable this option, please untick the Prompt for notes when clearing failed checks box in the Dashboard go to Settings, General Settings, Notes. This behavior is recorded regardless of whether the option to close the ticket on check clear is setup.

Please note, any notes added against the ticket will not display in the Dashboard Notes section, they can only be viewed in the Service Desk ticket itself.