Script Management

Scripts are managed (Add, Edit or Delete) via Settings, Script Manager on the Dashboard.

From here you can upload your script and choose to make it available as a Script Check and / or Automated Task .

Operating System Script Check (from) Automated Task (from)
Windows Agent 8.2 Agent 8.1
Linux Agent Agent 0.9.0 Beta3 Agent 2.0
Mac Agent 0.8.0 Beta2 Agent 2.3.0

After adding the Script Check or Automated Task to the device, the signed script is downloaded by the Agent. In Windows these scripts are stored in the scripts sub-folder of the Agent's installation directory (by default C:\Program Files (x86)\Advanced Monitoring Agent\scripts).

From Dashboard 6.27.4, the Script Manager dialog includes the option to Download Script to your device. After editing the script in your tool of choice(including the Automation Manager for .amp scripts), you can re-upload it to the Dashboard to replace an existing script or add it as a completely new script.

Any updated scripts are automatically downloaded and applied to devices currently running the script, Script Check and/or Automated Task.

Access to the Script Manager section is available to uses with full access (i.e.Superuser) or with required Custom Scripts permissions enabled.

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