Setup Client access to the Dashboard (Legacy)

All levels of Dashboard user (both Staff and Client) and the Clients they have access to are managed through Client Groups and Client level Rules and permissions. Once configured, add User Accounts for the Client and associate these with the relevant Client Group.

Depending on the Client Group configuration, it can allow multiple users at the Client to log on to their own version of the Dashboard. This only returns their sites and devices (thus ensuring full confidentiality of your other Clients data) and lets the Client see just how hard you are working to monitor and maintain their systems.

This functionality supersedes the previous Client Dashboard Access setting available from within the Client dialog which only supported a single user with Dashboard options.

The legacy Client Dashboard Access dialog is only available for those accounts where this login is already configured.

Edit Client - Dashboard Access (Legacy Setting)

The view only Client Dashboard available from the Client Dashboard Access section displays all the Clients devices and allows access to their own Wall Chart

Although this is primarily a view-only Dashboard for information purposes, we have included limited functionality for the selectable features. Initiate a Take Control session, send commands to a mobile device etc.

Any Client level users setup in the Edit Client, Dashboard Access dialog are only displayed in this section, they are not transferred over to the User Accounts dialog.

For a comparison of the different types of Client role please go to Permissions: Client

To edit Client Dashboard access:

  1. Choose the required Client under Monitoring and Management
  2. Go to Edit, (or right click on the Client in the left menu)
  3. Click Edit Client
  4. Select Dashboard Access
  5. Tick Enable client "view-only" dashboard access
  6. Enter the required information
  7. Choose the features the Client User has access to
  8. Set Password to send an email containing password configuration information to the entered username
  9. Click OK to save


Enter an active and valid email address for the user to act as their username.

Set Password

For additional security the user must configure their own password. Where selected this option sends an email to the user with instructions on how to set their password.

The password should follow the below policy:

Must be at least 8 characters in length

Contain no blank characters

Have at least 1 uppercase, 1 lowercase and 1 numeric character


Client can view Asset Tracking information (enabled by default)

Client can use Take Control feature

Client can use Backup Manager

Client can send commands to Mobile Devices


Only one login is available per Client in the Dashboard Access dialog, although multiple Client level users may be setup in the User Accounts dialog.