Restart Daemon

To ensure essential services are always running tick the RESTART daemon if ‘Stopped’ option.

Some daemons may routinely stop as part of their normal operation, and restarting such daemons prematurely may cause problems

Alert Thresholds

The sensitivity of the Alert generation can be configured via the Alert Thresholds section, with the available options dependent on whether RESTART daemon if ‘Stopped’ is configured.

Number of consecutive failures

The Check can be configured to send an alert and report as failed on the Dashboard after it has consecutively failed a set number of times between one and five.

This threshold is selected via the Number of consecutive failures before alert sent drop-down.

The Number of consecutive failures option is disabled when RESTART daemon if ‘Stopped’ is selected.

RESTART daemon if ‘Stopped’

There are two conditions for the generation of an Alert and the reporting of the Check as failed on the Dashboard where RESTART daemon if ‘Stopped’ is enabled.

Number of consecutive restarts before alert, the Check is reported as failed where threshold is exceeded.

Alert if daemon is restarted X times in Y hours, the Alert is generated based on the  number of times the daemon is restarted within a given time period.

In both cases enter the required threshold information for the check to report as failed.


The Restart Service Mail is configured from the Mail Templates section of the Dashboard, Server Monitoring.