Remote Support Viewer and Agent

We no longer test or develop for the Remote Support Viewer and Agent. It is provided as is and is excluded from new N-sight RMM accounts. Over the coming weeks, it will be removed for all existing N-sight RMM accounts.

If you still use this remote support feature, we recommend you use Take Control and Remote Background Management for accessing customer devices.

Remote Support consists of two components, the Remote Support Viewer which is downloaded onto the device providing assistance and the Remote Support Agent sent to the device requiring assistance, with both available from the Dashboard Remote Support menu.

The user requiring assistance is sent a Remote Support Agent and after the initial connection is established the computer appears on the list of devices within the Remote Support Viewer window. The user providing assistance simply selects the required machine from this list and hits connect to initiate the session.

Once connected the Remote Support Viewer displays the remote desktop allowing the user to interact with the remote machine in a variety of ways, including transferring files and opening a chat window with the remote user. Either party can disconnect from the session at any time by closing their respective Remote Support Agent or Viewer.

Depending on the version of Windows installed on the device requiring assistance the Remote Support Agent initiates a different connection program and these are discussed in the Remote Support Options section.

When a Remote Support session is initiated it is recorded in the Remote Support Report and User Audit Report both available from the Reports menu on the Dashboard.


For security both the Agent and Viewer connect over HTTPS using 128 bit encryption with encrypted IDs created for both the Remote Support Agent and Viewer.

Each time a Remote Support session is initiated a unique ID is generated and communicated to the Remote Support Viewer and Agent for use in this session, subsequent session will use a different ID.

More detailed information on security and communication may be found here.