Remote Support Report

The Remote Support Report is a valuable tool to illustrate the level of one-to-one assistance provided during the specified period. For each session the Report displays the computer assistance was provided for, the remote user logged on at that time, the start/end time and session duration. In addition to this per session information the Report also includes the total session time for each Client as well as a cumulative total session time for all clients.

  1. Go to Reports
  2. Remote Support Report
  3. Select the From and To
  4. OK to generate the Report

remote_support_report remote_support_report_date

The Remote Support Report displays the time period the report applies to, the time and date the report was generated on and for each supported computer its name, the Remote User logged on during the session, the Start and End time, that session's duration in addition to the Total Time assistance was provided for each Client as well as the total session time for all Clients.

Basic Remote Support information is also included in the User Audit Report.