Reassign the Device to a different Client and/or Site

We realize that circumstances change and you may wish to devices to a different Client and / or Site. For example, there was an organizational change or the devices were simply recorded against an incorrect Client or Site.

One or more devices can be quickly and easily moved between Clients and Sites from the Dashboard.

The option to change devices to a different Client and Site is only available when viewing devices in the Servers or Workstations tabs. These options are not available when in the Mixed tab.

Right-click Move Device Single or Multiple Devices

Single Device

  1. Right-click on the device in the North-pane of the Dashboard
  2. Choose Move Server or Move Workstation from the context menu
  3. Click OK to save and apply

Multiple Devices

Multiple Devices may be moved from one site to another.

  1. Expand the Client in the Monitoring and Management left pane.
  2. Choose the Site containing the devices to reassign
  3. Multi-select the target devices in the North-pane of the Dashboard (use Shift and left-clickto choose a range of devices, Control and left-click for specific machines or Shift and Ato select all).
  4. Please note that up to 50 devices may be selected at a time.

  5. Right-click on one of the selection and from the context menu choose Move Servers, Move Workstations.

Regardless of whether a single computer or multiple devices were selected, the move devices dialog provides information on the Current Site and the Number of devices to move.

Choose the target Client and Site from the Destination Site drop-down and Next to proceed and Apply Changes.

move_multi move_device_dialog

General Settings Single Device

In addition to the Move <device-type> option in the right-click context menu, an individual device can be allocated against a different Client and/or Site in its General Settings.

  1. Right-click on the target device in the North-pane of the Dashboard
  2. Choose Edit <device-type> in the context menu - this option is also available from Edit Server or Edit Workstation or the Edit menu.
  3. Go to the General Settings tab
  4. Select the required Client and Site combination from the Site drop-down.
  5. Click OK to save then Apply Changes.

move_edit_single move_general_drop

Apply Changes

Whether moving a single device or multiple computers, the next stage of the process to review the implications of moving the selection to a new Site, for example which overall device type, Client or Site level features will be installed or uninstalled.

The Move <device-type> dialog lists each Feature, its configuration at the Current and Destination Sites along with an explanatory Message. So you are aware of the potential impact of moving the device from its current to new location, including changes to the Site Concentrator.

Once satisfied click Continue or Apply Changes to confirm the selection's relocation and it will now appear under the selected Client and Site on the Dashboard.