Cartridge Level Check

This Check monitors the current fill level of the main cartridges on the printer. The Check passes when the fill level for all the monitored cartridges is above the specified threshold and fails if the fill level for any cartridge drops below this value.

Where a cartridge is monitored but a threshold is not enabled, it will effectively work in report only mode. The cartridge is monitored, with information on its current state displayed on the Dashboard, and will report as passed regardless of its fill level.

The type of cartridge in use can vary across manufacturer and printer and we support the following Marker Supplies types when reported through SNMP on the device: toner, ink, ink cartridge, ink ribbon, solid wax, ribbon wax and toner cartridge.

To setup the Check:

  1. Enter a Descriptive Name to identify the Check on the Dashboard and Alerts (optional)
  2. Enable the Monitored box against the Cartridges you wish to include in the Check

To generate a failure when the fill level drops below a specified amount:

  1. Tick the Enable Threshold checkbox
  2. Set the percentage Alert Threshold below which the Check fails
  3. OK to save and apply

The Check will now run against the printer.