Supported Applications

Patch Management for Windows supports a range of patches from Microsoft and other vendors:

Patch Management for Windows cannot offer Office 365 or Microsoft Office updates as these are not provided via Windows Update. Please see the Microsoft article: Install Office Updates for update install information for these products.

Update Release Cycle

We aim to support Microsoft updates within hours of Patch Tuesday and out-of-band patches (Microsoft and non-Microsoft) within one working day of their release. Whenever a patch is released by Microsoft, we immediately report it as missing in the Dashboard.

The Microsoft update database is downloaded directly to the device from, with non-Microsoft update databases download and updated incrementally.

Where a patch is to be deployed it is downloaded directly from the vendor's website (both Microsoft and non-Microsoft updates). To reduce bandwidth usage you can install a Site Concentrator on the network to act as a repository and cache patches once per site.

Patch Management for Windows checks for updates between 1am and 5am GMT per day or when the Patch Status Check runs. Either at the same time as the Daily Safety Check (default) or based on its schedule.