Enable and apply Patch Management Policies

Patch Management is configurable across multiple devices (on all servers and workstations or servers and workstations at specific clients and sites) or on individual computers.

The Patch Management settings are enabled and configured in one of two ways:

Patch Management Feature Policy (Recommended)

  • Choose from system default polices or create a repository with your own custom policies.
  • Simply select the relevant policy from the drop-down to apply.
  • Create the policy once and apply many times.
  • Edit the policy to quickly, easily and automatically apply a new setting to all devices using that policy

Configure Settings Manually (Legacy)

  • Configure the Patch Management settings per entity type (device type, Client, Site or specific Device).
  • This can be time-consuming and potentially introduce the possibility of human error during the setup and subsequent configuration process

Migrating from the manual Patch Management settings configuration to Patch Management Feature Policy is a single direction process.

Once you Patch Management Feature Policies are enabled (at device type, Client, Site or specific Device level) you cannot go back to manually configuring its Patch Management Settings.

The legacy manual settings configuration option is not available on new Dashboard accounts.

Please create your own custom policies (if required) then use the Patch Management Feature Policy method for deployment.