Placing the Agent offline using the maintenance switch

In some instances it may be necessary to place the Agent offline whilst tasks are performed on the device and this can be achieved from the command line using the maintenance switch.

For the device to appear in Maintenance Mode, it must first be registered with chckconfig that updates the runlevel information for system services and is covered in Starting and Stopping the Agent daemon automatically.

Once registered, to place the Agent Offline enter -c maintenance=on and to come back online -c maintenance=off

To place the Agent Offline enter -c maintenance=on

# ./rmmagentd -c maintenance=on

 This is communicated back to the Dashboard and the Agent will appear as Offline, rather than overdue.

To come out of Maintenance Mode enter -c maintenance=off

# ./rmmagentd -c maintenance=off

The example below shows the Agent being place in and out of the Offline state.

# ./rmmagentd -c maintenance=onReceived command 'maintenance=on'

Process rmmagentd [4125] terminated

Agent is now in the maintenance mode.

# ./rmmagentd -c maintenance=off

Received command 'maintenance=off'

Service rmmagentd not running

Service rmmagentd [9333] started