Update the Agent

Backup & Recovery was introduced for Windows in Windows Agent 8.11 and for Macs through Backup Documents in Mac Agent 3.0.0 with subsequent releases providing expanded functionality or updated versions of the product.

Feature Agent Version (from)
Windows Agent

Backup & Recovery


Backup & Recovery Self-Service Seeding Loading


Backup & Recovery Seed Loading Service


Backup & Recovery 2014


Backup & Recovery 2015 and later (new Backup Manager interface)


Backup & Recovery Documents (Workstations and Laptops)


Mac Agent

Backup & Recovery Documents (Workstations and Laptops)


Manually Update the Agent

The following steps cover the process for updating an existing Advanced Monitoring Agent from the Dashboard.

  1. Select the device in the North-pane
  2. Go to its Summary tab to check the Agent version
  3. If an earlier than supported version is installed:
    1. Right-click on the workstation or laptop in the North-pane (or from the Workstation drop-down)
    2. Select Edit Workstation > General section
    3. Choose the version of the Agent to update to from the Update Agent drop-down menu
    4. Click OK to apply and initiate the update process
  4. Refresh the Dashboard and check the device’s Summary tab to verify it has updated to the selected Agent version

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