Issue a Command to the Mobile Device

Legacy Mobile Device Management (MDM) service retiral: November 1, 2021.

From November 1st, any Android, Windows Mobile or legacy MDM iOS devices (these are iOS devices that are not enrolled in Apple Device Management(ADM) service) will no longer be supported. You are not required to take action on these devices as we will automatically retire the service.

Go to the Mobile Device Management page for further information.

This change does not affect iOS devices enrolled in ourApple Device Management(ADM) service) which will continue to be supported and offers numerous advanced management options not available in the legacy MDM service.

Commands can be selected and sent to the mobile device directly from the Dashboard.

Highlight the device in the north pane of the Dashboard, go to the Mobile Device menu and choose the required action from Commands, this menu is also available when right-clicking on a device.


The options available will depend both on the policy in place on the device and the features available for that Operating System.

Once a command is sent to a device it is recorded in the Commands tab of the Dashboard.





Update Device Information

Updates the information held on the device in the Dashboard.

The device information is automatically updated daily.





Update Location Information

Requests the current location information from the device.




Lock Device

Remotely locks the device to prevent access.


android_icon *


Instant Restart Immediately restarts the iOS device osx_icon    
  Shutdown Device Immediately shuts down the device osx_icon    


Set Passcode

Changes the passcode required to login to the device, effectively resets the passcode



Clear Passcode

Removes the passcode from the device.



Reset/Add Passcode and lock

Resets the passcode, locks the device and generates a PIN viewable in the Commands tab. Effectively sets a passcode on the device if one was not previously configured.



Remote Ring

Trigger the device's ringtone regardless of volume.



Remote Wipe

Erases all data, including any attached SD cards, by resetting the device back to its factory default settings.


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Install Agent App

Retroactively install the app on Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1.


Notes *

Apple iOS

When installing MobileGuardian on Apple iOS the Summary information is retrieved from the device but to populate the Apps section it is necessary to run the Update Device Information command. Otherwise the Apps information is retrieved at the next scheduled device information update.

For Apple iOS we utilize the device’s in-built MDM framework APIs which are controlled via the Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) and to permit the APNS traffic when connecting via Wi-Fi specific ports must be open in the firewall.

Google Android

Remote Wipe Device, the option to run the app with administrative privileged must be accepted by the user to allow the device to be remotely wiped.

Lock Device command may report false positive messages based on the following conditions.

  • When the Device is already locked or the screen is asleep the command returns as complete.
  • If the device is in an inappropriate state, for example it is installing system updates, the app may fail to interpret the command and mark it as complete. In this situation the command was acknowledged but not actioned
  • Where the device does not have a passcode the Lock Device command will put screen to sleep.

Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1

Although Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 does not support an Update Device Information command, if a setting must be pushed to the phone straightaway, the user can access settings, workplace, mobileguardian and click the sync now button to retrieve and apply any pending configurations.

Commands remain in the new state

Commands issued to a device may remain in the new state where any of the following conditions exist.

  • The Device does not have an internet connection (offline).
  • The Device is turned off.
  • The application was uninstalled from the Device when it was offline
  • The Mobile Device Management application was removed from background running tasks. This can occur when:
    • The Device has entered 'Deep sleep' mode.
    • The Device has a battery saver or task killer that stops background processes. For example, earlier versions of Android aggressively killed background tasks.
    • The Device's manufacturer has built in task killing into the Operating System launcher.

iOS commands are also covered in the Apple Device Management section Send commands to macOS and iOS devices