Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 Provisioning

Legacy Mobile Device Management (MDM) service retiral: November 1, 2021.

From November 1st, any Android, Windows Mobile or legacy MDM iOS devices (these are iOS devices that are not enrolled in Apple Device Management(ADM) service) will no longer be supported. You are not required to take action on these devices as we will automatically retire the service.

Go to the Mobile Device Management page for further information.

This change does not affect iOS devices enrolled in ourApple Device Management(ADM) service) which will continue to be supported and offers numerous advanced management options not available in the legacy MDM service.

Windows Phone 8.1^ Mobile Device Management requires a Workplace account and utilizes two components, the MobileGuardian app and the Operating System’s in-built MDM client.

After the mobile device is added to the Dashboard, the specified user receives an invitation email (and where selected SMS) containing a provisioning link along with their unique activation code to enter in Workplace, Password during the registration process.

When the user opens the provisioning link from their mobile device they are automatically offered the version of MobileGuardian applicable to its Operating System: Apple iOS, Google Android or Windows Phone 8.1^.

For Windows Phone 8.1^ the provisioning link includes brief instructions on the two steps the user must follow to enrol their device in addition to the Mobile Device Management Server address they will use to populate the Workplace, Server field.

Step 1

From the provisioning link click the Start Enrolment button to open Settings, Workplace on the Windows Phone 8.1^ device.


Once in Settings, Workplace the user selects add account and populates the following information:


User enters


Their work email address the Workplace account is to be associated with.


The Mobile Device Management Server address from the provisioning link.


The activation code from the notification email or SMS

Finally in the Account Added screen tick the Install company app* box and click done.


Step 2

Once complete open the app either from the Open the MobileGuardian app to complete enrolment link in the activation communication or from the app tray which adds the required background task for MobileGuardian.

As well as a brief description of MobileGuardian the app includes two options for users under the menu button ...

They can manually initiate a connection with the Dashboard by clicking sync now as well as view additional information on the app from about.



* To permit full monitoring and management of the device it is necessary for the user to select Install company app as part of the installation process, if this option is not selected at this stage it can be added later via Settings, Workplace, MobileGuardian and Download Hub. In either case open the MobileGuardian app once complete to add the necessary background task.

Where a proxy is in use, please ensure HTTPS decryption is disabled as this prevents client certificate authentication. If problems are experienced despite disabling HTTPS decryption, try re-enrolling the device with no proxy.

As the time settings on the device can affect installation and performance of Mobile Device Management please ensure the date and time are set correctly on the 'phone.

The Dashboard includes the option to retroactively install the app on Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1^, for example where the user accidentally deleted the MobileGuardian app or it was not installed as part of the activation process.

We leverage the Windows Push Notification Service (WNS) to send commands to Microsoft Windows Phone 8.1 devices, so once selected the action should take place within minutes. We also employ a fallback mechanism to ensure the device receives commands where the WNS is unavailable, although this may take considerably longer for the command to be actioned.

Please be aware that Windows 10 is currently unsupported.