Manage Checks on Multiple Devices

Although it is useful to manage bespoke Checks on an individual Device, sometimes it may be necessary to roll manage the same Check on multiple devices. This can range from a selection of devices, to all devices under a Client or Site.

Rather than do this on device-by-device, we have include the ability to add, edit and delete Checks across multiple devices. This not only saves time but ensures Check consistency across devices.

To ensure accurate monitoring, Checks are only added to those devices capable of supporting that Check. For example an additional Disk Space Check for drive D:\ will only be added to those devices that have a D:\ partition or a Windows Check is only added to a Windows computer.

For full visibility whilst awaiting synchronization, all changes are viewable in the View menu's Pending Actions dialog with the option to revoke the change. These changes are also recorded in Report menu's User Audit Report.

Feature Checks

There are checks that are automatically added to monitor the state of specific features, and these feature checks are only added or removed when the feature is turned on or off. For example, when Patch Management is added to a device, the Patch Status Check is automatically added.

Since these specific Feature checks are automatically added when you enable the feature, they are excluded from any method to add checks to multiple devices (including Monitoring Templates) to avoid accidental duplication or monitoring of a non-installed product.

If you need to add another instance of a specific check for a product (in addition to the associated check), you must Add a Check per-device.

Since Feature Checks are added with the feature, they are added to the device regardless of Monitoring Template configuration.

Checks, and Automated Tasks can be deployed using Monitoring Templates.