Option: Automatically enroll macOS devices

As there may be a requirement to only deploy Apple Configuration policies to iOS devices via Apple Device Management, the Dashboard includes an account-wide setting to exclude Mac computer enrollment.

Where Mac enrollment is deactivated, the end-user will not receive the prompt to enroll their device in Apple Device Management after enabling the Apple Device Management Dashboard setting or during subsequent Agent installations.

Deactivating "Automatically enroll Mac devices" will not affect those computers currently running Apple Device Management which will continue to function as expected.

The option to deactivate "Automatically enroll Mac devices" is only supported on Mac computers running Mac Agent 3.6.1 or later.

To deactivate the "Automatically enroll Mac devices" option.

  1. Log into the Dashboard

  2. Go to Settings > General Settings

  3. Navigate to Apple Device Management

  4. Untick Automatically enroll Mac devices (the option is enabled by default)

  5. Click OK to save and apply

Enable Apple Device Management on one or more computers

If you wish to roll-out Apple Device Management on a computer-by-computer basis, use the Relaunch Mac Device Management Enrollment on a device option to prompt the user to install the Apple Device Management profile on selected computers.

Re-enable "Automatically enroll Mac devices" Behavior

Circumstances can change, and after deactivating "Automatically enroll Mac devices" the decision may later be made to roll-out Apple Device Management globally across your Dashboard to Mac computers. In this scenario, after re-enabling "Automatically enroll Mac devices", those Mac computers without Apple Device Management installed will now prompt the user to enroll.