Edit, Download, and Delete Profiles

The Profile Library lists all the uploaded profiles including the configured name and description for each profile and the number of devices each profile is deployed on. You can manage the profiles in your Profile Library.

To open the Profile Library, go to Settings > Apple Device Management > Profile Library.

Depending on the number of profiles you select, you can edit, download, or delete profiles:

Deleting profiles can affect device performance. Deleted profiles are deleted from the system and removed from any devices they are deployed on. This action cannot be undone.

  • Single profile selected: You can edit, download and delete the profile using the top navigation bar or the profile's vertical ellipsis menu.

    When you edit a profile that is already deployed to a device, the edited profile is not automatically pushed to that device. You must re-install any updated profile to the devices where you want it deployed. For more information, see Install Profiles.

  • Multiple profiles selected: You can only delete the selected profiles.

    Since the number of profiles you select may span more than the current window, the number of Selected profiles against the number of available profiles is displayed beside the Search field. For example, Selected: 12/24 is displayed if you select 12 out of 24 available profiles.

When you are finished managing your Profile Library, click the back button (<) to return to the Device Dashboard view.