Listing Checks

Use this API Call to query our Data Extraction API to extract data gathered by N-sight RMM.This section shows the service name and parameters needed in the API Call query, and provides examples of some queries and system responses. For more information, see Data Extraction API.

Service name: list_checks
URL https://SERVER/api/?apikey=yourAPIkey&service=list_checks




Lists all checks for device identified by the deviceid parameter.


Post Variable Description Type Required Options Default
describe Optional. Returns a description of the service. boolean no true 0
deviceid The deviceid must be a valid id. integer yes 0 0


Example Service Call - list_checks
Example Response

<result created="2015-07-22T16:48:09+01:00" host="SERVER" status="OK">





  <description>Web Page Check - URL</description>




  <utc_run>2015-07-21 23:09:38</utc_run>








.... more <check> nodes ...




Fields Description
Field Type Can Be Empty Description
checkid integer no The check's unique identifier.
uid integer yes An identifier of check unique to that server / wkstn only.




Is the check configuration on the Agent synchronized with the check configuration on the Dashboard?
0Check is synchronized
bit 1Check is not synchronized
bit 2Check has not run
bit 3Check is new
bit 4Check has been modified on server
bit 5Check is locked
bit 6Check has no valid data
check_type integer no
The type of check:


1001 Antivirus Update Check
1002 Backup Check    
1003 Drive Space Change Check  
1004 Disk Space Check
1005 Exchange Store Size  
1006 Failed Login Check*    
1007 Performance Monitoring Check
1008 Physical Disk Health Check
1009 Physical Memory Health Check
1010 PING Check    
1011 TCP Service Check  
1012 Web Page Check  
1013 Windows Service Check  
1014 Critical Events Check
1015 SNMP Check
1018 Bandwidth Monitoring
1019 File Size Check
1020 Event Log Check
1021 WSUS Check
1022 Auto-Start Service Check
1023 Script or Automated Task
1024 Script Check
1025 Patch Status Check (Vulnerability Check)
1026 Managed Antivirus Check (VIPRE) (VIPRE now retired from N-sight RMM)
1030 Backup & Recovery Selected Size Check
1033 Web Protection Bandwidth Check
1034 Managed Antivirus Check (Bitdefender)
1035 Managed Antivirus Update Check (Bitdefender)


2001 Antivirus Update Check
2002 Backup Check
2003 File System Space Change Check
2004 File System Space Check
2005 MTA Queue Length
2006 Failed Login Check *
2007 Performance Monitoring Check
2008 Physical Disk Health
2009 Physical Memory Health Check
2010 PING Check
2011 TCP Service Check
2012 Web Page Check
2013 Daemon Check
2015 SNMP Check
2018 Bandwidth Monitoring Check
2024 Script Check
2027 Process Check
2028 Log File Check
2029 MySQL Check
2031 Package Manager Check


3003 File System Space Change Check
3004 File System Space Check
3006 Failed Login Check
3007 Performance Monitoring Check
3008 Physical Disk Health Check
3011 TCP Service Check
3012 Web Page Check
3013 OSX Daemon Check
3014 Apple system Log Check
3021 Update Check
3024 Script Check
3027 Process Check
3028 Log File Check
3034 Managed Antivirus Check (Bitdefender)
3035 Managed Antivirus Update Check (Bitdefender)
description string yes Description of a check.
dsc_247 integer no Is the check a Daily Safety Check, 24x7 Check, Scheduled Task or special case?
124x7 check
2Daily Safety Check
3Scheduled Task
4Managed Antivirus Check
6Backup & Recovery Selected Size Check
statusid integer no The status of the check:
0Check has not run
1Check failed
4Check failed and has been parked
5Check passed
consecutive_fails integer no The number of consecutive check failures.
date date no Date (on server) check last ran.
time time no Time (on server) check last ran.
utc_run datetime no The UTC date and time (on server) check last ran.
email integer no Are email alerts enabled for check?
sms integer no Are SMS alerts enabled for check (server monitoring only)
Example Associated Service Calls
Parameter Call URL Format
DeviceID list_devices_at_client https://SERVER/api/?apikey=yourAPIkey&service=list_devices_at_client&clientid=CLIENTID&devicetype=server
list_servers https://SERVER/api/?apikey=yourAPIkey&service=list_servers&siteid=SITEID
list_workstations https://SERVER/api/?apikey=yourAPIkey&service=list_workstations&siteid=SITEID
SiteID list_sites https://SERVER/api/?apikey=yourAPIkey&service=list_sites&clientid=CLIENTID
ClientID list_clients https://SERVER/api/?apikey=yourAPIkey&service=list_clients