List Backup Check History

Use this API Call to query our Data Extraction API to extract data gathered by N-sight RMM.This section shows the service name and parameters needed in the API Call query, and provides examples of some queries and system responses. For more information, see Data Extraction API.

API Call Frequency — Each API call uses system resources when querying and returning data. To avoid performance issues, do not send automated API calls using a frequency less than 90 seconds. We may contact you if we detect API activity that negatively impacts system performance.

Service name: list_backup_history






List status of Backup Checks on device for last 60 days.

The starting date for the response is the current day within the account timezone.

Only currently active checks are considered. Once a check is deleted, its historical data will not be available.

For checks that have been added within the last 60 days and run at least once, PASS will be returned for the days prior to the initial run, assuming the device was online on that day. For checks that are added and have yet to run, NOTRUN will be returned for all days.

Empty <checks/> and <days/> elements will be returned when there are no active antivirus checks configured for a device.

In cases when more than one Backup Check is configured to run on a device, the status reported will be the most significant status of all Backup Checks on that day. See Example Response for more detail.

Parameter Description Type Required Options Default


Optional. Returns a description of the service.






The deviceid must be a valid id





Example Service Call =list_backup_history


Example Response
<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<result created="2014-08-04T15:29:15+01:00" host="SERVER" status="OK">
 <name>Backup Check - Symantec Backup Exec 2010</name>
Fields Description
Field Type Can Be Empty Description
checks/name string no Name of the backup check (if any) running on this device. A name element will exist for each active check
days/day/date date no Time data for the Checks
days/day/status string no Status of the Backup Check(s) on that day. Can be one of the following values. If there is more than one than Backup Check configured to run on the device, the status value will be the highest ranked value from the list below. So for example, if one check is marked as PASS for that day, and another is marked as FAIL, the status returned will be FAIL.
Status Meaning
NOTINSTALLED Device had yet to be installed on the day
NOTRUN Check has never run on the device. In this scenario, NOTRUN will be present on each day
PASSINACTIVE Last check run was PASS, but the check did not run on the day for one of the following reasons: The device was offline at the time the check should have ran The check was not configured to run on that particular day
PASS Check passed
CLEAREDINACTIVE The check was previously CLEARED, but did not run on the day for the same reasons listed in PASSINACTIVE
CLEARED The check failed but was cleared (acknowledged)
FAILINACTIVE Last check run was FAIL, but the check did not run on the day for one of the reasons listed in PASSINACTIVE
FAIL Check failed
OVERDUE The device was marked on overdue on that day (applies to Servers only)
Example Associated Service Calls
Parameter Call URL Format
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list_servers https://SERVER/api/?apikey=yourAPIkey&service=list_servers&siteid=SITEID
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