Manage Devices - iPhone

The default view for the app is Problems which, like the Wall Chart, shows all devices currently experiencing issues (in accordance with configuration Step 3).

It is possible to alternate between all problem servers and workstations when in the Problems view via the server or wkstn buttons located at the top of the page.

Servers or Workstations lists all servers or workstations at a client regardless of whether any problems are reported. Simply click on the current Client name on the button at the top of the screen and select another Client from the barrel menu clicking Done once highlighted.

When viewing any server or workstation, the app display details on the current status of the Checks and Windows Automated Tasks as well as any Outages and Dashboard Notes.

For Asset Tracking, the Asset Details section includes the ability to view the Hardware, Software, Licensed Software in addition to Hotfixes and Updates (where supported).

In addition to viewing the current status, it is also possible to acknowledge a failed Check from within the app using Clear Check, leaving a Dashboard Note against the acknowledged check (where configured).

The ability to clear checks is enabled by default, but if this feature is unavailable in the app please ensure it is not disabled in the Dashboard in Settings, General Settings, Check Clearing.

To leave a Dashboard Technical and Client Facing Note when clearing the check from the app, ensure the option toPrompt for notes when clearing failed check is enabled in the Notes section available from Setting, General Settings.

Please note, when installing the Apple iOS app on an iPod Touch it defaults to iPhone mode.