Can I deploy the Agent without having to download and install on each workstation or server manually?

Yes, you can create a Site Installation Package and deploy this either across the network or by sending it to the user to manually install on their machine using the one-click Agent executable.

If I send the Site Installation Package to the user do I have to give them my Agent Key as I do not want them seeing the other Clients I am supporting or gaining access to my Dashboard!

The Site Installation Package contains your login password in an encrypted form so the end user will simply run the installer and the Agent will automatically install on the device. They never have access to your Agent Key details.

I have a proxy setup on the network, how does the Site Installation Package handle this?

When creating the Site Installation Package from the Dashboard there is an option to enter the proxy information for the network whether using the Group Policy or Remote Worker package.

When using the create Network Installer (deprecated) package from within the Advanced Monitoring Agent the proxy information previously entered for the Advanced Monitoring Agent is also used in the installation package.

For more information, see Supported Proxies.

What happens to existing workstations on the Dashboard if I use the Site Installation Package? I do not want duplicate devices!

When data is uploaded to the Dashboard from a Workstation Agent a comparison is made against existing workstations and if the workstations match, then only the latest data will be displayed. Please note that any updates from a Workstation Agent take precedence over results from an Agentless Scan.

If I install as a Server Agent on my workstation what happens when I upgrade? Will it change the mode the Agent runs under?

The Agent retains the mode it was initially installed under when it is upgraded.

I'm running the MiniAgent [deprecated], do I have to remove it and what about my existing Group Policy?

When deploying the Workstation Agent, either by Group Policy or by sending it to the user, any MiniAgents currently installed are automatically removed.

A new Group Policy is required to deploy the Agent MSI and to avoid any potential problems we would suggest removing your existing MiniAgent policy. Creating the MSI Group Policy may be achieved by following the steps outlined here.