Are there alternatives to manual Agent installations?

Use Site Installation Packages: Group Policy or Remote Worker ("one-click") deployment. Where an unmonitored device was discovered by the Network Discovery scan, select Monitoring Agent Push:

Does the user require my credentials or Dashboard access when using a Site Installation Package? I don't want them to have access to my Dashboard and see my other Clients!

Site Installation Packages include the credentials [username or password (encrypted)] used to create the Site Installation Package. The end user simply runs the installer or deploys the MSI over Group Policy, they never have access to your login details.

Can I install the Agent on an embedded Operating System (Windows Core) without a GUI? How do I make changes post-installation?

Use the Site Installation Package or Monitoring Agent Push to silently deploy the Agent onto the computer. Once installed, administer the Agent from the Dashboard. Manage Checks and Features, Change the Device Settings. Go to Support Operating Systems: Windows for information on tested embedded Operating Systems,

How does the Site Installation Package handle proxies?

Enter the network's proxy information when configuring a Site Installation Package. For Network Installer (deprecated) packages, the proxy8 information is copied from the parent Agent. For proxy information visit Supported Proxies.

What happens to existing workstations if I use the Site Installation Package? I do not want duplicate devices on the Dashboard!

A comparison is made with existing Devices when data is uploaded from a new Workstation Agent to ensure duplicates are not created.

If I install as a Server Agent on my workstation what happens when I update? Will it change the mode the Agent runs under?

Updated Agents retain their installed mode and all configuration settings.

I'm running the MiniAgent (deprecated), do I have to remove it and what about my existing Group Policy?

The MiniAgent was superseded by the Workstation Agent, offering an expanded Check and feature set. We recommend you replace the MiniAgent with the Workstation Agent to benefit from its increased functionality.

If a MiniAgent is installed on a device, it is automatically removed as part of the Workstation Agent installation process.

If using Group Policy deployment, we would suggest removing the existing MiniAgent Policy then create a new Policy to push out the Agent MSI (covered here)

What does the Group Policy Site Installation Package contain?

The Group Policy Site Installation Package contains:

agent.msi: for installation and removal of the Agent contains the associated configuration files

The package does not include the Monitoring Template. This is downloaded directly from the Dashboard during the installation to ensure the latest is applied.