Force HTTP communication during installation

The Windows Agent attempts to connect to HTTPS by default, but on some occasions you may need to force the Agent to use HTTP. This problem may be as a result of a particularly restrictive firewall or the configuration of the system security policies.

The result of this problem is that despite entering the correct login credentials (for example the Agent Key), you get a connection error message when you try to install the Windows Agent.

To force the Windows Agent to use HTTP:

  1. On the device, go to the Agent installation folder, the default is C:\Program Files(x86)\Advanced Monitoring Agent, and open the settings.ini file

    Since the Agent has not accepted the login yet, the settings-ini file contains limited information.

  2. Enter SECURE=0 at the end of the [General] section of settings.ini to force the Agent to use HTTP to connect to our servers


  3. Retry the Windows Agent installation

After the installation you can reverted back to HTTPS. Stop the Advanced Monitoring Agent service - from Start, Run, services.msc - then in the settings.ini file found in the Agent installation folder (default C:\Program Files (x86)\Advanced Monitoring Agent) change the upload URLs from HTTP to HTTPS. Save the changes and restart the Advanced Monitoring Agent service.