Alert Policy: Global Email or SMS Alert Setting

It can be time-consuming to configure Alerts on a device-by-device basis or check-by-check. Using the Alert Policy, you can setup alerting behavior across all of your devices for newly added checks and existing Checks.

  1. Go to SettingsAlertsAlert Policy
  2. Choose Server Alerts or Workstation Alerts
  3. Go to the section for the Check Frequency, Operating System or Service you wish to configure
  4. Enable (or disable) the Alert type box(es) against the appropriate Checks or Services
  5. Icon Alert type
    email_fail Outage Email Alert
    email_recovery_icon Recovery Email Alert
    sms_fail Outage SMS Alert
    sms_recovery Recovery SMS Alert
  6. To use these settings for existing Checks:
    1. Click the Update column against the new settings

      When the Update option is not applied, the settings are only used by newly installed devices or newly added Checks.

    2. Select Apply to change the alerting behavior
  7. Select OK to save and apply