Dashboard Notes

We realize that when a member of the team is dealing with a problem it would be useful to create a Technical Note outlining investigative steps carried out, the cause of the problem and solutions put in place in an easy to access location in the Dashboard that can be viewed by other members of the team.

In addition to the Technical Note a Client-Facing Note may be created which can prove valuable in demonstrating to your Clients just how hard you are working for them and the steps you have taken to rectify any problems their devices have experienced.

These Dashboard Notes can be entered against a check or server and may be viewed in the Dashboard and in the Notes Reports.

There are two types of Report available:

  • Dashboard Notes Report may be configured to display the technical and/or client-facing Dashboard Notes.
  • Client-Facing Notes Report can be sent to the client either Daily, Weekly or Monthly and contains all of the Client Dashboard Notes recorded for that time-period.

Managing Dashboard Notes or changing the Note settings creates an entry in the User Audit Report.

Please note that the Client-Facing Notes Report are ONLY sent when Client Notes were added within the Report time-period: last day, week or month respectively. Where no Client Notes exist for the Report's time-period, the Report will NOT be sent (regardless of whether there are Technical Notes for that time period).