Feature Policy Report

The introduction of policies simplified the configuration of a range of our features (Take Control, Managed Antivirus, Web Protection and Risk Intelligence) and ensured that any devices using a policy are setup in exactly the same way.

Each feature has a range of default policies, and we have included the ability to create your own custom policies to precisely match your and your customer’s requirements. These policies could be created for a specific customer or site, down to individual device types.

As this can result in a large number of policies in use throughout the system, we have introduced the Feature Policy Report. With this Report you can quickly and easily view which feature policies are applied across your customer based.

  1. Go to Reports
  2. Click Feature Policy Report to open the Feature Policy Report dialog in a new browser tab
  3. Use the filters to choose the target selection:
  4. Filters



    Select the Client from the drop-down list or choose All Clients


    Where a specific Client is selected you can then choose All Sites or a specific site


    Choose All Devices or a specific Device type Servers or Workstations

  5. Click Generate to view the  HTML Report
  6. Click CSV Export to download the CSV version and choose the export option: Download now or Run in background

CSV Report Export Options

The CSV Report saves all the filtered information (including any hidden columns) as a CSV file in the format DATE_GENERATED-FeaturePolicyReport.csv (for example 2017-02-02- FeaturePolicyReport.csv)

As this may contain a large amount of information, there are two export options:

Download Now

The download runs in real-time.

Depending on the Report size it may take several minutes to complete and you will have to wait until the Report has downloaded before you can continue using the Dashboard.

Run in Background

The Report is generated in the background and an email is sent to your username (email address) with a download link once it is ready

Depending on the Report size it may take several minutes to complete and you can continue work on the Dashboard whilst the Report is created


Report Columns

The Columns drop-down selectable above the North-pane once the report is generated is used to refine the Feature Policy Report and provide more relevant information. For example, the device details (Type, Client, Site, name (Device), Description and Agent Version) along with the policy supporting feature (Take Control (TeamViewer or N-able), Managed Antivirus ( Bitdefender), Web Protection and Risk Intelligence. After clicking Columns enable or disable the tick-box against the required column.  The Columns button also indicates the total number of columns available and the number selected.


Report Export Options

After the HTML version of the Report is generated, two export options become available above the main window:

CSV Export

Saves all of the filtered information (including any hidden columns) as a CSV file.


Prints the current report view as is (this excludes any hidden columns). The print options available will depend on the configuration of the device the Report is viewed on.