CA ARCserve D2D

This Check uses CA ARCserve D2D's native XML log files on the local device to determine the status of the last job.

These log files are in the format BackupInfo*.xml and stored in the directory C:\Program Files\CA\ARCserve D2D\BackupHistory, although we use the registry to verify this location when running the Check.

The Check queries the BackupHistory directory for any backup log files written to in the preceding 24 hours, it ignores resync and verification jobs retrieving the state of the backup from the BackupStatus Status section. For example:

<BackupStatus Status="Finished"


<BackupStatus Status="Failed"


In addition to the "Number of jobs to check for", the Check contains the configuration option to "Pass if last job succeeded".

If selected, the Check will pass where the last job was reported as successful, regardless of whether there were any backup failures recorded in the monitored period.

If unselected, the Check will pass where there were no backup failures recorded and the number of successful jobs discovered in the monitoring period is equal or greater than the "Number of backup jobs to check for".

Regardless of the selected "Pass if last job succeeded" the more information section for the Check will display the results

Since the Backup Checks poll the device for the backup results, the results in N-sight RMM are those reported by the Backup software being monitored. If the reported result is Completed with Errors, Completed with Warnings, or a similar response, we recommend you investigate the device the problem and ensure the Backup software can backup the expected data sets.