Download the Advanced Monitoring Agent

To download and install the Advanced Monitoring Agent you must have the appropriate N-sight RMM User account permissions. For information about Agents permissions, see Default System Role Permissions.

Depending on the configuration of the computer it may need local administrator authorization.

To download the Monitoring Agent:

  1. On the N-sight RMM Dashboard, go the Agent > Download Agent (optionally, go to File > Add Device > Download Agent)
  2. Select the version of the Windows Agent to download
  3. win_agent_down win_agent_down2
  4. Save the downloaded file to a location on the target device.
  5. Unpack the Agent file and click on the executable to begin the installation.
  6. Choose the Agent language and agree to the EULA (if acceptable) before proceeding.

    The Agent creates an installation folder containing its program and settings files; by default C:\Program Files(x86)\Advanced Monitoring Agent.

    If the device connects through a proxy to reach the internet, we recommend you Configure the proxy server settings before you enter the login credentials to ensure the Agent can communicate back to the Dashboard.

  7. When the Agent login screen is displayed, enter your Dashboard Username and Password to proceed and configure the Agent as required, setting up Checks, and so on.

    You can log into the Agent with the username and password of either the Agent Key or a staff Dashboard login (Administrator level or above); where the device has internet access. You can also log in using the Alternative Agent Password if it is configured.

  8. win_agent_login

When the Agent is installed, you can managed it using the Dashboard or in the Advanced Monitoring Console, using the Start menu on the device.

On Vista and later where User Access Control is enabled, The requested operation requires elevation may be displayed after the initial installation stage. To resolve this, right-click the Advanced Monitoring Agent entry in All Programs and select Run as Administrator.