Mobile Device Inventory Report

Information about each monitored mobile device is reported in the Mobile Device Inventory Report. The report includes information such as the device holder, hardware details, and enabled features.

To generate a Mobile Device Inventory Report:

  1. On the N-sight RMM Dashboard, go to Reports > Mobile Device Management ReportsMobile Device Inventory Report.
  2. Use the drop-down options to filter by the following items:
    ClientAll Clients or select a specific Client from the drop-down
    Site All Sites or select a specific Site from the drop-down
    DeviceAll Clients or select a specific Client from the drop-down
    Output FormatHTML or CSV

  3. Click OK to generate the report.

Report columns and icons

The Mobile Device Inventory Report includes the following columns to report device data:

Column Column Description or Options Icon
Client Client the mobile device is registered against
Site Site associated with the Client
Device The device name assigned when the device was added to N-sight RMM
OS Apple iOS ios_icon
OS v. Version of the Operating System  
Device Type Phone phone_icon
Tablet tablet_icon
Manufacturer Manufacturer of the mobile device  
Model Model name of the mobile device  
Policy Type Company (COD) mdm_cod
Employee (BYOD) client_icon
Device Holder User name
Phone Number Phone Number (where applicable)
Date Added Date the device was added to the Dashboard  
Date Activated Date the device was registered

The Mobile Device Inventory Report indicates which features are enabled, disabled and unsupported by the device platform:

Feature status HTML output CSV output
Enabled Y
Disabled N
Unsupported by platform mdm_grey_spot NA

The Mobile Device Inventory Report indicates the status of the following features:

Feature Icon
Basic Device Information info_icon
Remote Lock mdm_remote_lock
Remote Wipe Device mdm_remote_wipte
Clear Passcode mdm_clear_passcode
Shutdown Device  
Instant Restart