Install configuration profiles on devices

Device Management for Apple is not supported on devices using macOS 10.12 or earlier. You cannot deploy configuration profiles to those devices using N-sight RMM.

  1. On the N-sight RMM vertical menu, select Device Management for Apple.

    The Devices tab displays including device name, serial number, OS version, profiles and more.

  2. Select the checkbox for one of more devices, or use the multi-select drop-down to select all devices.
  3. Select Install profiles in the top menu.

    Since the number of profiles you select may span more than the current window, the number of Selected profiles against the number of available profiles is displayed beside the Search field. For example, Selected: 12/24 is displayed if you select 12 out of 24 available profiles.

  4. Select the checkbox for one or more configuration profile(s) you want to install on the selected devices.

  5. Click Install to deploy the profiles to the selected devices.
  6. Online devices receive the profiles in near real-time. Offline devices receive the profiles the next time they come online.

In addition to using Device Management for Apple to manage devices, you can also manage devices and their configuration profiles from the All Devices view. On the North-pane, right-click the macOS computer or the iOS device, select Manage Profiles, and then Install, Remove or View.

Although we provide the mechanism to deploy custom profiles through Device Management for Apple, we are not responsible for custom profiles made or used in conjunction with this product. We are not liable for loss incurred from system, hardware or data loss. It is the customer or profiles developer's responsibility to verify the integrity, actions and impact of any custom profiles.

Updated: Jul 05, 2024