Clients, Sites and Devices

The following Client, Site and Device information is available through the API:

API Call Service name Description
Listing Clients list_clients Lists all clients. If devicetype is given, the list will only show client that have active devices of that type.
Listing Sites list_sites Lists all sites for a client
Listing Servers list_servers Lists all server monitoring devices for site (including top level asset information if available).
Listing Workstations list_workstations Lists all workstation monitoring devices for site (including top level asset information if available).

Includes Agentless scans and mini-agent devices

Listing Agentless Assets list_agentless_assets Lists all agentless and mini-agent asset devices for site (including top level asset information)
Listing Devices At Client list_devices_at_client Lists all devices of type 'server/workstation' for a client.
Listing Device Monitoring Details list_device_monitoring_details Lists all monitoring information for device identified by deviceid.
Add Client add_client Creates a new client
Add Site add_site Creates a new site
Get Site Installation Package get_site_installation_package Creates a site installation package

API Call Frequency — Each API call uses system resources when querying and returning data. To avoid performance issues, do not send automated API calls using a frequency less than 90 seconds. We may contact you if we detect API activity that negatively impacts system performance.

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