Determine server for API query

When you use the Data Extraction API, you enter URL queries that require the server URL for your N-sight RMM account territory.


The database server to query is dependent on the territory your account is registered under. The current territories and their URLs are:

Territory URL
France (FR)
United Kingdom
United States

For example, a user in the United Kingdom uses the server URL:

The following is a sample query for listing servers from the United Kingdom territory:

Determine API Server URL from Dashboard URL

If you are unsure of your Dashboard account territory:

  • Look at the URL used to access your Dashboard as this may include a region reference, or
  • If the URL does not mention a region, for example a custom domain, append /dashboard to one of above URLs and attempt login to your Dashboard at the prompt. Based on the United Kingdom this would look like:
  • If you cannot determine the region from a custom Dashboard URL. Open a command prompt or terminal on the device and perform an nslookup on the custom Dashboard URL:
  • nslookup dashboard.custom.domain
    Non-authoritative answer:

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