Data Extraction API

Our system gathers a lot of valuable data while doing its job and that data is displayed in the Dashboard and our pre-packaged reports.

However, you may want to consume the data in a different way. To do that, you can use our Data Extraction API as an alternative method.

Our Data Extraction API is not OData (Open Data Protocol) compatible. OData 2.0 and 3.0 require XML in Atom format, and OData 4.0 requires XML in CSDL format. Our API XML data is not in either of those formats.

When you use the Data Extraction API, you have options for how you use the data. For example, you can:

  • extract the data to a database to run your own reports
  • populate your customer's asset database
  • integrate the monitoring system with a third-party vendor

Once the API Key is generated it is possible to retrieve the required information via the following API calls.

Important - API Call Frequency
Each API call uses system resources when querying, retrieving, and then returning the requested information. To avoid potential performance issues, we recommend you do not make any automated API calls to the system on a less than 90 seconds frequency.

We may contact you if we detect API activity that negatively impacts the systems performance.
Section API Call Name Service Call Description
Clients, Sites and Devices
Listing Clients list_clients Lists all clients. If device type is given, the list will only show client that have active devices of that type.
Listing Sites list_sites Lists all sites for a client
Listing Servers list_servers Lists all server monitoring devices for site (including top level asset information if available).
Listing Workstations list_workstations Lists all workstation monitoring devices for site (including top level asset information if available). Includes Agentless scans and mini-agent devices
Listing Agentless Assets list_agentless_assets Lists all agentless and mini-agent asset devices for site (including top level asset information)
Listing Devices At Client list_devices_at_client Lists all devices of type 'server/workstation' for a client.
Listing Device Monitoring Details list_device_monitoring_details Lists all monitoring information for device identified by deviceid.
Add Client add_client Creates a new client
Add Site add_site Creates a new site
Get Site Installation Package get_site_installation_package Creates a site installation package
Checks and Results
Listing Failing Checks list_failing_checks List all failing checks for account.
Listing Checks list_checks Lists all checks for device identified by deviceid.
Listing Check Configuration list_check_config Lists configuration for given check
Listing Formatted Check Output get_formatted_check_output Returns formatted result of check (error or otherwise)
List Outages list_outages Returns list of outages which are either still open, or which were closed in last 61 days
List Performance History list_performance_history Obtains the data relating to all the Performance and Bandwidth Monitoring Checks running on the specified device.
List Drive Space History list_drive_space_history Returns the daily (interval=DAY), weekly (interval=WEEK) or monthly (interval=MONTH) disk space usage information for a device.
List Exchange Storage History list_exchange_storage_history Returns the daily (interval=DAY), weekly (interval=WEEK) or monthly (interval=MONTH) Exchange Store Size information for a device.
Clear a Check clear_check Clear a check status.
Add a Check Note add_check_note Add a public/private note to a check. You must supply either a value for public_note or private_note.
List Templates list_templates Lists all templates for server or workstation for account
Antivirus Update Check Information
List Supported Antivirus Products list_supported_av_products Lists displayed name and id for all supported antivirus products
List Antivirus Definitions list_av_definitions Lists 20 most recent definition versions and date released for a given antivirus product
Get Antivirus Definition Release Date get_av_definition_release_date Given an antivirus product ID and a definition version, returns the date and time a definition was released.
List Antivirus Update Check History list_av_history List status of Antivirus Update Checks on device for last 60 days.
List Backup Check History

List Backup Check History list_backup_history List status of Backup Checks on device for last 60 days.
Asset Tracking Information
Listing Hardware list_all_hardware Lists hardware for given asset.
Listing Software list_all_software Lists software broken down by type for given asset
Listing License Groups list_licence_groups Lists all software license groups for account.
Listing License Group Items list_licence_group_items Lists software in a software license group.
Listing Client License Count list_client_licence_count Lists all client license counts.
Listing Licensed Software list_licensed_software Lists licensed software for given asset.
Listing Device Asset Details list_device_asset_devce Lists device asset details identified by deviceid.
List Wall Chart Settings list_Wall Chart_settings Lists general Wall Chart settings for account
List General Settings list_general_settings Lists general settings for account.
Managed Antivirus
Quarantine List mav_quarantine_list List Managed Antivirus quarantined threats on the specified device
Quarantine Release mav_quarantine_release Release threats from the Managed Antivirus quarantine on the specified device
Quarantine Remove mav_quarantine_remove Delete threats from the Managed Antivirus quarantine on the specified device
Start Scan mav_scan_start Start a Managed Antivirus scan on the specified device
Pause Scan mav_scan_pause Pause a Managed Antivirus scan on the specified device
Resume Scan mav_scan_resume Resume a Managed Antivirus scan on the specified device
Scan Cancel mav_scan_cancel Cancel a Managed Antivirus scan on the specified device
Device List - Managed Antivirus mav_scan_device_list Managed Antivirus specified device list.
List Managed Antivirus Scans list_mav_scans Returns list of Managed Antivirus scans for a device.
List Managed Antivirus Threats list_mav_threats Lists the most recently found occurrence of each different threat found on a device scanned with Managed Antivirus
List Managed Antivirus Quarantine list_mav_quarantine Lists the contents of Managed Antivirus quarantine.
Update Definitions File - Bitdefender Engine mav_definitions_update Update the Managed Antivirus (MAV): Bitdefender Engine definition files on the specified device.
Patch Management
List all Patches for device patch_list_all Lists all software patches for the specified device.
Approve Patch patch_approve Approve software patches for the specified device.
Do nothing with Patch patch_do_nothing Set software patches 'do nothing' for the specified device.
Ignore Patch patch_ignore Set software patches to 'ignore' for the specified device.
Reprocess Patch patch_reprocess Reprocess software patches for the specified device.
Retry Patch patch_retry Retry software patches for the specified device.
Backup & Recovery Previously known as Managed Online Backup.
Backup & Recovery Selection Size mob/mob_list_selection_size Returns the Backup & Recovery (MOB) selection size for the specified device for the entered month and year combination.
List Backup & Recovery Sessions list_mob_sessions Lists all Backup & Recovery (MOB) sessions for a device.
Run Task Now
Run Task Now task_run_now Set run an automated task now and return the time until the task will be run
List Active Directory Users
List Active Directory Users list_active_directory_users Lists Active Directory user details for a the specified site

Directly import API information into a Spreadsheet provides a brief overview of the steps required to manually import the Data Extraction API URL data directly into spreadsheet software for analysis and manipulation.

Depending on the section and requirements, the API's page may include an Example Associated Service Calls.

This section provides examples of the additional API calls needed to populate the required information in that page's main call. For example, in list_sites it includes the call to return the required ClientID.