Data Extraction API

Our system gathers a lot of valuable data and displays it in the N-sight RMM Dashboard and in our reports. You can also extract and use the data gathered by N-sight RMM using our Data Extraction API. For example, you can:

  • Directly import API data into a spreadsheet for analysis and manipulation
  • Extract the data to a database to run your own reports
  • Populate your customer's asset database
  • Integrate the monitoring system with a third-party vendor

To use the Data Extraction API, you enter URL queries in the following format:


When you enter a URL query, you must insert the following items:

Item Description
server Determine server for API query
yourAPIkey Generate an API Key
service_name Each API Call has a unique service name. For example, the service name for Listing Clients is list_clients.
parameters and their values Each API Call can have required and optional parameters. For example, Listing Clients has the following parameters: describe and devicetype

For more information about API Calls, their service names and parameters, see API Calls.

Our Data Extraction API is not OData (Open Data Protocol) compatible.