Configure notes prompt for check clearing

You can configure a prompt to enter notes against checks as they are cleared to explain why the check is cleared.

There are two types of notes:

  • Technical (private) note — A note only available for team members that could outline investigative steps, the cause of a problem, and solutions. Technical notes are viewed on the N-sight RMM Dashboard or in the Notes Report .
  • Client-facing note — A note for the Client that they can view on their N-sight RMM Dashboard or in the Daily, Weekly or Monthly Client-facing Notes Reports

To configure the notes prompt for check clearing:

  1. On the N-sight RMM Dashboard North-pane, go to SettingsGeneral Settings
  2. Select Notes
  3. Enable Prompt for notes when clearing failed checks
  4. Select OK to save

For more information, see Add notes to devices and checks .