Backup Configuration (Deprecated)

Important, Backup Configuration was superseded with the release of Monitoring Templates and is not supported on devices running Agent 10 or later.

Monitoring Templates provide increased functionality over the Check-only static Backup Configuration option. You can create a Monitoring Template based on the target device's configuration, including both Checks and Automated Tasks. Edit the template to match your precise requirements, for example tweak thresholds, include additional Tasks or remove a no longer needed Check. Then use the template during the installation process, set as the default or select from the drop-down on a manual install, or apply to existing Agents and update their settings.

The Dashboard includes the option to download a copy of a Windows Monitoring Agent's 24x7 and Daily Safety Check configuration file. This can be used to reinstall the Agent on a server or workstation with the same check configuration after an system upgrade or crash.

These configuration files are only for use in a clean Agent install. Any attempt to apply these files to an existing Agent installation (overwrite the Check settings files) will result in unintended consequences.

Backup Configuration Download

  1. Log into the Dashboard
  2. Right-click the device in the north Servers, Workstations or Mixed pane (or from the Server or Workstation drop-down)
  3. Edit Server or Edit Workstation
  4. Back up Configuration
  5. A compressed file containing the configuration files are transferred to the browser's Downloads folder

Apply the Backup Configuration to new Agent

  1. Download the Agent from the Dashboard
  2. Unpack and click the installer to open the Advanced Monitoring Agent wizard
  3. Progress through the installation wizard until the Username and Password screen
  4. Copy 247_Config.xml and DSC_Config.xml from the compressed Backup Configuration file
  5. Navigate to the Agent installation folder, by default C:\Program Files (x86)\Advanced Monitoring Agent
  6. Paste 247_Config.xml and DSC_Config.xml in the Agent installation folder
  7. Enter your Username and Password in the Agent and proceed with the installation
  8. The 247 and DSC checks will not require configuration but may be tweaked if necessary