Shared Clipboards, Synchronize Local and Remote Clipboards

Shared Clipboard Behavior

Choose whether the shared clipboard is available and its behavior. When in the Viewer...

  1. Go to Interactions
  2. Select Shared Clipboard and choose the required behavior:
  3. Option

    Hotkey (if available)



    Local to Remote

    Remote to Local



The Shared Clipboard behavior is fully configurable per session. However, if you want to use the current settings for all sessions going forward, select the menu option Save Current Setting as Default.

Synchronize Local and Remote Clipboards

Copy and pasting data is one of the most frequently used features when connected to a remote machine. To alleviate the issue where the devices lose synchronization, we have included keyboard shortcuts to allow you to synchronize the local and remote device clipboards before copying or pasting data.

Shift+Ctrl+C Synchronizes the remote clipboard to the technician's machine.

Shift+Ctrl+V Synchronizes the technician’s clipboard to the remote machine.

For example, to make sure the data is correctly copied from the remote session, you would enter Ctrl+C to copy the data the Shift+Ctrl+C to synchronize the remote clipboard with your machine. Similarly, if remote paste is not working as expected, you can simply do Shift+Ctrl+V to synchronize your clipboard with the remote device then Ctrl+V to paste.

Clear Clipboard when the Session Ends

For additional security, for example delete any copied password or other sensitive data, select the clipboard deletion behavior when the session ends.

  1. Go to Interactions > Clear Clipboard when the Session Ends
  2. Then select:
    • Disabled
    • Local Only
    • Remote Only
    • Local and Remote

Copy and Paste Behavior
When copying and pasting text, please be aware that only text copied during the session is available for pasting. Any text copied before the session was established is unavailable.