Configure the proxy server settings

Where a proxy server is in place on the network, you may need to configure the Agent's proxy settings to ensure it can communicate with our servers.

If the device connects through a proxy to reach the internet, we recommend you Configure the proxy server settings before you enter the login credentials to ensure the Agent can communicate back to the Dashboard.

Configure the proxy settings during Windows Agent installation:

  1. On the Advanced Monitoring Agent Login dialog, click Proxy server settings
  2. In the Proxy Server dialog, tick Use a proxy server and enter the required proxy information. For more information, see Supported Proxy Authentication Protocols.

    Field Description


    Enter the IP address, not the NetBIOS name


    Enter the port the connection is going through


    The username the proxy requires for authentication.

    Ensure the selected user has sufficient privileges to use the proxy.

    The Username must be in the format: DOMAIN\username


    The password the proxy requires for authentication

To edit the proxy settings after Windows Agent installation:

  1. In the Advanced Monitoring Agent, go to Edit > Agent Options

  2. In the Agent Options dialog, click Connection Settings

  3. Set proxy details as required
  4. Click Apply to save the configuration
  5. Click OK to close the dialog

For more information, see Edit connection settings .

The proxy may occasionally be unavailable. For example, if the Agent is installed on a laptop that is removed from the network. To ensure continuation of the service, the Agent attempts to go direct if it cannot reach our servers using the entered proxy information.