What login do I use for the Agent?

When deployed via the Site Installation Package the access key is the one used to create the package.

How do I make changes to the checks?

Checks can be added, edited or deleted either by logging on to the Agent or via Dashboard Controls.

I installed the Agent in Workstation mode but want to use the extended Check set that is only available in the Server Agent. How do I change the mode of the Agent on the Workstation?

If you wish to change the mode of the Agent simply manually uninstall then reinstall the Agent and select the required mode from the Agent Mode screen. Please note running the Agent in Server Mode will incur server charges.

What happens when the user shuts down the machine or closes the lid on their laptop as I do not want to receive data overdue alerts every night followed by data received alerts each morning?

By default the Workstation Agent will go into offline mode when the machine shuts down. Data overdue alerts and data received alerts are not generated for workstations.

I've installed the Agent how can I get the Asset Tracking information as I do not see this option?

The Asset Tracking information is uploaded daily to the Dashboard from the server or workstation the Agent is deployed on.

The Agent continually monitors the device it is installed on and where there are any configuration changes these will also be communicated back to the Dashboard outwith the daily cycle.

Where the networked devices you wish to query for Asset Tracking information do not have an Agent installed the Agentless Scan available from the Server Agent may be used to retrieve this information.