How do I login to the Agent?

Use a staff Dashboard login (internet access is required to validate the credentials), the credentials the Agent was installed under or the Alternative Password (where configured).

Where do I manage Checks?

Checks are added, edited or deleted in the Agent or from the Dashboard Checks tab.

Where do I change the Client and Site the Agent is registered against?

After installation, the Agent's device details including its Client and Site is amended from the Dashboard.

  1. Right-click on the device in the North-pane of the Dashboard (or from the Server or Workstation drop-down)
  2. Select Edit Server or Edit Workstation
  3. Go to the General Settings tab
  4. Change the Client and Site from the Site: list
  5. Click OK to confirm
  6. Check the feature changes in the Warning dialog
  7. Click Continue to save or Cancel to exit

How do I change the mode of the Agent on the Workstation from Workstation mode to Server Mode use the Server Mode's extended Check set.?

Changes to the Agent Mode are achieved by uninstalling the current Agent then manually reinstalling in Server Mode. Before uninstalling the Agent, we would suggest exporting any required historical information. Please be aware that running the Agent in Server Mode - on server or workstations - will incur server charges.

What happens when the user shuts down their computer or closes the lid on their laptop? I do not want Data Overdue Alerts every night, followed by Data Received Alerts each night!

To reduce the notification volume, only Server Agents generate Data Overdue and Data Received Alerts. Where data is not received within the configured Agent cycle for Workstation Agents, this is only indicated on the Dashboard.

Regardless of the installed Agent type, the Device reports as Offline in the Dashboard where the computer gracefully shuts down (default setting).

To change the Offline behavior, as well as configure the overdue threshold for Servers.

  1. Right-click on the device in the North-pane of the Dashboard (or from the Server or Workstation drop-down)
  2. Go to Edit Server or Edit Workstation
  3. General Settings
  4. Configure
    1. Offline Settings (Workstation)
    2. Offline and overdue alert settings (Server)
  5. OK to save and apply

When does the asset scan run? I’ve installed the Agent, but I don't see any Asset Tracking information on the Dashboard?

The Agent automatically runs an Asset Scan after installation, this may take a number of Agent cycles to complete, process and upload. The scan then runs daily to check for any hardware of software changes on the local computer. To avoid unnecessary traffic, the scan results are only uploaded to the Dashboard's Asset Tracking section when a change is detected. For example where software or hardware is added, updated or removed.

Where Asset Tracking information is not returned from Virtual Machines, either Allow Asset Tracking to report on Windows Virtual Machines or add ALLOWVIRTUALMACS. These are covered in Virtual Machines